Company set up

Please configure your company's settings.

Go to Settings, Company Setup

key in the necessary information

*Note: for CPF number, please do not add in the Payment Type and Serial No.

example: 200933000N

and click "Save Changes" to submit

Email configuration

This is an important module that uses for sending email function.

Singroll default is PHP email, you can change the user name to company email

- If you are using google email, you will get an email with following options:

   + Confirm that you login into your email
   + Sign in attempt prevented if so go to this page: and select "turn on"



Dashboard is able to showcase the most relevant information about the organization to the users.

The Dashboard modules covers the following sections:

Favorites function

This function is able to add module that help quick enter when login


An overview of holiday, leave, events and more.



An important area on Dashboard, which shows all notifications for the logged in user. This section covers: leave application, announcements employee send to staff. This is allowed to add new announcement.

System Chat

An important function in dashboard that help to communicate to all staff online


You services can be appeared to numerous Singroll users. Contact us for more information.

Employees Management

This component manages the existing Employees in the company.

How to Add a New Employee

To add a new employee, click Add Employee button.

Clicking on Add New Employee button will open a form for you to fill the necessary information about your employee, such as Employee Basic Information, User Information, Personal Information, Contact Details, etc.

Note: For foreign worker, please select No Donation Fund (So that Deduction like CDAC etc will not take effect)

CDCA, SINDA, ECF, MBMF: Auto calculation based on employee race (Able to edit the amount accordingly when generating payslip). If Employee wish to not contribute to those funds, Please select No Donation Fund under Employee setting

To set up employee salary by month, daily, hourly as well as allowance, deduction, CPF information, click setting tab.

How to Edit / Update an Employee

To edit / update a employee, select Employee Name and then click on Edit  button

After clicking Edit button the system will open up all data fields for you to make changes. After making all changes, please click on Update Employee button at the end of the data form.

How to Delete an Employee

To delete an employee, Select Employee’s Name, then click on Delete  button. After clicking Delete Record button, the system will ask for confirmation before finally deleting the employee. Please note that after employee deleted, all data refer to this employee will be deleted too.

Employees Module

This module handles all of the tasks associated with the existing employees of the company. This is the core module of the system where majority of the HR tasks are performed.

Personal information

Employee is able to login into their own account and update their own personal information

Apply leave

Submit Claim