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Benny Chang | Your Eye Guardian

Who would want to pay so much money for a software or limited time for a trial version? Singroll offers free payroll software without any hidden costs and helps SMEs. The software does the job and it is so easy to use that I only need to make sure that to input all the information is right. On the other hand, Singroll offers great service and is fast responsive through email if there are any questions or problems that you are facing while using the software. Highly recommended to all SMEs!

Wei Meng | Top 20 Solutions Pte Ltd

Top 20 Solutions has been in Singapore for many years and we are grateful that we have found Singroll as a very functional programme where my HR team can easily edit from paperwork to manage employees' records. Thank you Singroll and the team for developing such useful software and worry-free about having issues with payroll for employees. We are looking forward to new features on Singroll. Highly recommended! Thank you Singroll!

Vivian Tan | Tong Ming Xi Pte Ltd

Our company has been in the musical industry for many years. Our gallery showcases a different range of instruments with high quality products including craftsmanship. Ever since we started to use Singroll Free Payroll Software, it made our lives easier. It's simple, easy to access  and the software has in both versions - website and mobile. Thank you for developing an amazing payroll software for free for SMEs! 

Pei Ying | Zi Yue Spa

Previously, I and my team had a hard time managing payroll for employees. After I gave a try to use Singroll Payroll Software, I just realized how easy it is to issue payroll and manage it. Singroll is a big help for Zi Yue Spa. I would recommend this software to other SMEs. Big thanks for Singroll and the team. 

Oscar Lai | Analogue Plus Pte Ltd

I have heard about Singroll Free Software. But only until now I have tried out and it's amazingly helpful to Analogue Plus and I have received a lot of good reviews from our staffs about the software. Singroll is FREE payroll software for SMEs, with no hidden cost, why not to give a try? 

Kim Tee | Sensational S Beauty Spa

I am very thankful that Sensational S Beauty Spa have found Singroll Free Payroll Software. It is user friendly software and easy to access through website and mobile. I would recommend other SMEs to use Singroll.

Philip Chee | Futari Mechanical Engineering and Design Pte Ltd

SMEs like ours are lucky to have found Singroll! Not only is it free to join, it also provides a wide array of HR services without any paywalls! The cloud based system also means that we can use the software without having to worry about any system downloads taking up space in our computers. The easy access also makes it simple for my employees to keep track of their own payrolls and other tasks or requests I send to them through the system. Thank you for the great software Singroll!

Dominic Tay | Architude Pte Ltd

One of Singapore's best payroll software, Singroll is user friendly, extremely comprehensive, and most of all, free to use. For a software that does not charge, it provides a wide range of useful services and features that can help a company like ours manage our employees. Greatly looking forward to future updates and news!

Jeff | KKP Technology Pte Ltd

I fortunate to have found Singroll. We are now able to have a full range of payroll services for no cost at all. Our workers are happy that they can continue to receive their pay in a timely manner, and our HR officers can easily form payslips and keep track of all our employees all while using the same system.

Ashton Tay | HealthPal Pte Ltd

Thank you Singroll! This free software is such a life saver especially in these tough times. There are no paywalls, and it provides such a wide range of services from HR to management that our HR and Admins can use. All of the features are really simple to use as well, so it is a good system even for us first time users to pick up!

Eddie Sng | Jim-Willie Trading Company Pte Ltd

We are truly grateful for Singroll. My company has been using Singroll for years now and it is easily the best payroll management software you can get in Singapore. I can edit my payslips, manage my workers, and even export to CPF all in one system. It's rare that there is a software this comprehensive and user friendly that's free for anyone in Singapore to use. Big thanks to Singroll!

Garbo Lo | Oriole Energy & Chemicals Pte Ltd

One of the key criterias for a free online payroll tool is that it must be user friendly and compliant with local statutory regulations. Singroll has met all these.

It's has a very responsive support team. 

Keep up the good work!

Elle Tan | Abuzz Landscape Private Limited

I came across Singroll by chance while browsing for a payroll online tool. As a local SME, our first consideration is always cost effective.  Having a few experiences (can't say it is really bad) with some online accounting software, I must say I'm so glad that I found Singroll.  It didn't take me long to run some tests and get familiarised with the system, it is as TRULY a user friendly online tool for payroll.  The backend technical support is prompt and superb is what I like the most. It takes no more than3 days to respond and help resolving the issues.  Overall, I am happy and satisfied with Singroll.

Satya Madasu | Prodigi Solutions Pte Ltd

I am very pleased with Singroll HR Solution because of the user-friendly ESS system they have in place and not to mention the quick responsive service. I would highly recommend Singroll HR Solution because it has everything like Employee Onboarding, Time and Attendance, OT claims, Leave Management, Payroll, etc., easy to configure for your own needs. Furthermore, most of my favourite part is flexibility.

Maria Abendanio | InfoDrive Solutions Pte. Ltd

I'm so grateful to the whole team behind Singroll. I have been using the free payroll software since 2016. So far, it has been great. Thank you so much Singroll for helping SME's!

Jason Kumar | Terra Sol Pte Ltd

We started using Singroll since beginning of this year. 
Singroll has enabled our employees to view their monthly payslip anytime, anywhere using a web browser or via their mobile phone.  It also allows them to submit claims and apply for leave.  Notwithstanding that it is a free software, Singroll has all the necessary modules and makes payroll no longer a chore. 
It's has a very responsive support team. 
Keep up the good work!

Kua Cai Hong | United Capital Consultancy Pte Ltd

Singroll is great totally free easy to use HR software to help Singapore SMEs!

Anand Jahathes | Beer Porters Singapore Pte Ltd

Thank you Singroll for helping SMEs with this excellent free software especially in this challenging times.

Chester Gan | Asia Printing Pte Ltd

Thank you Singroll for this great payroll software for Singapore SMEs!

Gustin Foo | Accpacco Pte Ltd

Singroll is a great software with user friendly function and interface which enables my organisation to use it efficiently and with the dynamic feature it is an added advantage to SME as a whole. We highly recommend Singroll and looking forward to further new features and module add ons.

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